Poet Steve Griffiths’ performances of thirty poems from his Late Love Poems collection have been filmed in a range of settings and will be uploaded to YouTube, poem by poem, on a weekly basis beginning in late July 2015 and culminating in January 2016. The collection, Late Love Poems, will be available as a book in early 2016, published by Cinnamon Press in time for Valentine’s. There will be a series of live performances in 2016.

Steve Griffiths says:

“The feeling that I’d made something life-enhancing fed my desire to share these poems in a new way. I hope that with these films we’ve created a format with an intimacy, an immediacy, and something of the quality of a live reading, but which is retrievable and can be savoured and shared.

“Thanks to the support of Arts Council England, I’ve had a great team for this project – and it’s certainly been a voyage of discovery for us. My initial flatness in our first experiments in front of a camera made me work hard once again on my poems, and I rediscovered intonations, insights, glancing emphases, that were there when I first worked on the lines, but had somehow gone missing over time. I’ll always be grateful for that: after all the preparation for standing in front of a camera, I can’t say how much I learned about the quality of attention to a line of poetry in performance. And hearing my wife read my poems naturally and beautifully in rehearsal as I worked to learn them reminded me of the multiplicity of voices that can own a poem – but of course, especially hers.

“Over months, it took on new forms, with the visual dimensions and echoes glancing off the poems’ imagery from film-maker Eamon Bourke – and glancing off the map of my face in close-up – and the unexpected gifts of music from two friends I’d known for more than thirty years – one old, one young, and their meeting again in these films, responding to my poems, bringing sensitivities from spectacularly different worlds to enrich my work”.

The project has been funded by Arts Council England through the National Lottery and is supported by social media partners from the arts, libraries and other community networks and aims to engage with a range of audiences, including people celebrating second marriages and relationships.

The filming and editing for the project were undertaken by Eamon Bourke of Park6 Productions with sound, camera assisting and photography by Jules May.

Steve is closely supported on this project by PR Consultant Liz Hyder.

Original music has been provided for a number of films by composers John Hywel and Ivan “Ogmios” Owen.

LateLovePoems would like to thank our social media partners:

FilmPoem, Wales Arts Review, Poetry Wales, Shropshire Libraries, Orkney Library, The Dylan Thomas Centre, Planet Magazine and Ludlow Fringe.

With thanks also to:

Hereford Library, Bare Fiction, Poetry London, Gransnet, Wenlock Books, Literature Wales and The Poetry Society for their kind words and support.